Cloth Flower Making within 5 Minutes FREE SEWING PATTERNS & SEWING TUTORIALS

Cloth flower making is fun and easy. These cloth flowers look so pretty and are good for increasing brooches, hair clips and necklaces. Consume your preferred scrap fabrics (I know you have lots and lots!) to make them atlanta divorce attorneys color of the rainbow.

Cloth Flower Making: Supplies
Cotton Fabric – I made my cloth flowers from quilting cotton which provides a great stiffness to the petals. Cut 6 circles of fabric 4 inches (10cm) in diameter. Smaller flowers may be made with 3 inch (7.5cm) and even 2 inch (5cm) circles. When rummaging during your scrap fabric bins, bear in mind that small prints work the best.
Hand needle and strong thread. I used upholstery thread as regular thread kept breaking. Embroidery floss is effective too. Work with a matching color for invisible stitching. I only used a contrast color so you may see what I was doing.
Hot Glue Gun
Buttons and beads to decorate. The best buttons to make use of are shank buttons as you can place the shank in the hole of the flower rendering it really secure.
Scrap of felt or fabric for the back. Just cut a circle around 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter.

Cloth Flower Making: Instructions
Step 1: Press the circles in half with the incorrect sides together to create a semi-circle. Press it in half again to create a quarter.

Step 2: Thread a sewing needle with a double thread and knot. Sew over the raw edges of the piece having an up and down running stitch. Try and be sure you obtain a stitch near the ends and be sure you undergo all layers. Don’t pull the knotted end entirely through but leave at least a 4 inch (10cm) tail.

Step 3: Gently pull the thread to gather the petal into shape. Ensure you still have the tail at the end.

Step 4: Sew the following five petals exactly the same way until you have a string of them.

Step 5: Using the ends of the thread, pull really tight and then tie a safe knot. I want to knot a few times so I understand it won’t come undone. Cut the surplus thread.

Step 6: Flip the flower to the rear and glue on a circle of felt or fabric to hide the raw edges in the center. Glue or sew a bead or button to the top. Now you are typical ready to attach a brooch back or lined alligator clip.

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