Dinosaur birthday celebration: Geometric dinosaur party decor, cake & party ideas

I worked with to bring all of it to life, including a big dinosaur wall decoration, geometric leafy vines, volcano stair risers, happy birthday bunting, party favor tags, and paper dino cake toppers. Thanks so much to Astrobrights for sponsoring my dinosaur house party creations for Liam. All designs and opinions are mine.

I love colorful birthday parties so I used a number of vibrant Astrobrights colors. Astrobrights is the best brightly-colored paper …just look at these inspiring colors! You should use my color suggestions below or choose your own color palette for your own personel dinosaur birthday party.

For Liam’s dinosaur cake, I made paper dinosaur cake toppers with tiny age 6, dinosaurs, and a pyramid volcano with one candle in the middle

I’d a good time making each one of these paper party decorations using Astrobrights Papers that turned our family room into a cheery Jurrasic world. See all the dinosaur house party details below.

Supplies for making DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party decorations:

Astrobrights cardstock paper:

I used lots of Astrobrights colors found in the Astrobrights 25-color card stock assortment pack; I recommend buying 2-3 packs …you’ll have some extra for other projects. Here are the colors that I used; feel free to try another color palette for your own dinosaur birthday party:

  • Large geometric dinosaur: Blast-Off Blue™, Terrestrial Teal™, Celestial Blue®, Lunar Blue™, Cosmic Orange™, Galaxy Gold™, Eclipse Black™
  • Geometric leaves: Gamma Green™, Vulcan Green™ and Martian Green™
  • Happy birthday banner: Cosmic Orange™, Solar Yellow™ and Stardust White™
  • Name banner: Rocket Red™, Cosmic Orange™, Solar Yellow™, Terrestrial Teal™ and Stardust White™
  • Age: Lift-Off Lemon™ and Solar Yellow™
  • Volcano stairs: Re-Entry Red™, Rocket Red™, Cosmic Orange™, Solar Yellow™, Lift-Off Lemon™, Orbit Orange™, Eclipse Black™, Gamma Green™
  • Dinosaur birthday cake: Blast-Off Blue™, Terrestrial Teal™, same colors as above for volcano, same colors as above for age
  • For favor tags: any and all colors above

Supporting craft supplies:

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