Chinoiserie Easter Eggs are stunningly beautiful! And very easy to create! They are upscale and different and will add that WOW factor to any spring decor. Even though you are not crafty you may make this!!!! Let’s make chinoiserie Easter eggs…

Classic blue and white, who doesn’t love that color combination? And adding that classic chinoiserie Oriental design makes these Easter eggs outrageous gorgeous!

They are upscale and chic eggs! I made a lot of them to make use of this Easter.

Chinoiserie eggs are so simple to make. The majority of the time spent while making them was looking forward to the Mod Podge to dry. So I’d Mod Podge only a little and then begin my day and Mod Podge only a little and begin my day…


Below are a few creative ways to show them..

  • in a basket with crinkle paper
  • in a small nest
  • at each place setting on an Easter table
  • perched on a candlestick
  • nestled in a number of moss


Select the napkins below to see more options…


Here’s how to blow out the content of an egg leaving the shell intact…

  • Make a small hole (a little smaller than of the eraser end of a pencil) in the utmost effective and bottom of a new egg utilising the tip of a sharp paring knife or a skewer.
  • Poke a toothpick in the holes to break the membrane therefore the egg contents may come out.
  • Put your lips over the pointy end of the egg and blow the contents in to a bowl. Save the contents of the egg for later use. Don’t blow too hard or you could break the egg. A regular medium stream of air works best.
  • Dry off the ends of the eggs.

Let’s get our napkin ready…

  • separate all the ply’s of the napkin
  • keep the very best ply that has the chinoiserie print onto it
  • discard another plys


  • rip out small single designs in the napkin and set aside
  • add a little Mod Podge to a foam brush or an old painting brush
  • paint a small part of Mod Podge onto the egg and cover that area with one of the little pieces of torn tissue pieces
  • smooth the tissue down to the egg with a bit more of Mod Podge within the tissue and then gently smooth it down together with your finger
  • focus on a small area and allow it dry on a piece of wax paper, non stick Reynolds wrap and other nonstick surface
  • focus on a small area at the same time until the chinoiserie egg is covered. I labored on several eggs at the same time

Pretty, right? Now get busy and make these beautiful chinoiserie Easter eggs for your home this year!

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