Wondering what do you really need to make your personal candles? Think about water and wick…YES! that’s it! Homemade DIY candles make the perfect gift or a method to brighten your property but…sometimes that you do not want the original melt and pour candle method. So that is steps to make candles from scratch that literally take under 10 minutes. They are the most effective DIY candles which are quick, easy and simple to make at home. So if you want to learn how to make candles at home step-by-step then check it these instructions or video tutorial. Learn how to make DIY no wax candles now!

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Paper Flower Candles

You will need some sort of glass candle holders

You may also need some water

Just how to Transfer Ink to Wood

If simply framing your chosen photos doesn’t quite do them justice, try transferring your absolute best prints onto wood. This creative display will showcase your picture perfect moments in a fashion that’s worth their greatness.

Things You’ll Need
Inkjet printer
Shipping labels
Matte finish sealer spray
Matte gel medium
Clear drying glue
Foam brushes, ( 2 )
Charge card or gift card (to become a squeegee)